Something Old, Something New

Hello Friends!

We are back in Nashville and gearing up for an exciting few months!  As we approach our wedding we are thinking a lot about our future as husband and wife.  As a team, one of our dearest wishes and most important goals is to truly make a living with our art.  Though this has been a goal of ours for a long time – we moved to Nashville in order to pursuing songwriting as a career – we are now expanding our sights and getting creative with our talents.

This new drive is reflected in our redesigned website.  We’ve drifted away from calling ourselves “Sawdust Hill,” settling instead on what everyone naturally calls us, “Trevor and Sylvie.”  Though our web address remains the same for the moment (, you’ll find that the design has been re-imagined with an eye toward promoting not only our songwriting, but our related creative and business endeavors as well.  We invite you to visit the site and click through our new menu.  There you will find new songs under “Listen,” new videos under “Watch,” a new bio under “Who We Are,” and a new business venture under “Hire Us.”

These changes are exciting for us, particularly as they reflect our deepening commitment to each other.  It may not seem like much – it is only a website after all – but it was created with the intention of clarifying our goals and opening ourselves to opportunity.  When we get married in September we will be meeting our new chapter with a fresh energy for crafting the life we desire.  This website is symbolic of that energy, in its way.  We are happy to share it with you!


Sylvie and Trevor

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