A Play, A Wedding, and a Couple of Songs . . .

Hello friends, and sorry for the long silence.  We’ve been doing the daily Nashville grind, which is a lot like any other daily grind (working, paying-the-bills, cleaning-the-bathroom) with some gig-playing and song-writing added in to the mix.  We’ve had our heads down, at least in terms of our on-line presence, but we’ve had the good fortune of befriending some wonderful fellow writers, and we’ve been happily working away at new songs and new opportunities.

Sylvie and Trevor in costume on the set of “Lonesome Traveler.”

Our most recent opportunity brings us to NYC, where we are currently performing in an off-Broadway production of Lonesome Traveler, the folk music musical that first brought us together back in 2011 in Ventura, CA.  We opened on March 17th at 59E59 Theaters,

Trevor and Sylvie at the off-Broadway opening of "Lonesome Traveler."
Trevor and Sylvie at the off-Broadway opening of “Lonesome Traveler.”

and have been getting New York audiences to sing along in every show since, which – we’re told by those who know – is quite an accomplishment.  Certainly it is a joyful experience, and we are very grateful for the chance to live the NY artist lifestyle for a few months.  If you know anyone in NYC, send them our way!  Tickets are available at: http://www.59e59.org/moreinfo.php?showid=192.


Being in NYC hasn’t slowed down our creativity at all.  In fact, we’re hard at work on planning our latest project . . . our wedding!  That’s right!  Though it can hardly come as a surprise to any of you, we are officially tying this already trusty knot come September.  Long distance wedding planning is difficult, but it seems appropriate that we do our scheming during a run of Lonesome Traveler, since our love story began on the first day of rehearsal back in the spring of 2011.  And in the spirit of the folk-music musical that brought us together, our wedding will be a river-side, music-filled celebration of togetherness.  Hurray for love!



And speaking of LOVE, we are excited to announce that Sylvie’s song, “Can’t Stop That Train,” was chosen as a Finalist in the 2014 Great American Song Contest.  The song was born after a kitchen table conversation with Seraina Wood, Trevor’s mom, song-writer extraordinaire, and ultimate believer in the power of love.  You can hear it here on the “Listen” page of our website.  Let us know what you think!


Thank you all for your continued interest in our endeavors.  Stayed tuned for more exciting projects coming up soon!

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