Trevor & Sylvie are a husband and wife duo based in Portland, OR, whose music is rooted in the storytelling traditions of American country and folk.Before meeting Sylvie, Trevor Wheetman spent ten years in the Northwest indie-rock band, J Minus, which enjoyed huge popularity on myspace back when myspace was hugely popular.  A multi-instrumentalist, accomplished songwriter, and master of silly voices, Trevor’s talents are in demand in the theatre world, where he can often be found wearing the multiple hats of actor, musician, composer, and musical director.  In 2016 he composed and performed original music for the United States premiere of the play The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, for which Broadway World called him a “musician extraordinaire,” adding “his original music adds so much to the tone and texture of every scene of the play.”

Before meeting Trevor, Sylvie Davidson wrote songs for and performed with the Americana trio Waiting for Lizzie in Seattle, WA.  A professional actor as well as a musician, Sylvie has been seen on stages throughout the country.  In 2017 Sylvie combined her musical and theatrical talents in the world premiere of the musical Troubadour at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre.  Singing songs written by Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Sylvie’s performance received critical acclaim, with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writing, “Davidson can evoke the haunting lyricism of Emmylou Harris, then with equal aplomb switch gears to exude the flirtatious sexuality of Dolly Parton.” During the run of the show Sylvie appeared on the world famous Grand Ol’ Opry, singing with the cast and harmonizing with Radney Foster (Foster and Lloyd) on his hit song “Nobody Wins.”

Trevor & Sylvie met each other in 2011 at the Rubicon Theatre in Ventura, CA where they were both cast in the folk music musical Lonesome Traveler.  There – over the course of a four week rehearsal and with the help of a lot of good music and a date spent wandering lost in Santa Barbara – Trevor and Sylvie fell in love.  They began playing music together almost as quickly.  Along with bassist Sander Vinberg and vocalist Lizzie Diehl they formed the Seattle band Jangle Wagon, named after the state of their vehicle.  During the several year run of this project Trevor & Sylvie learned each other’s voices and musical styles, venturing slowly into the territory of co-writing via a delicate system which involved calling suggestions to each other from neighboring rooms.  As their co-writing developed and their relationship deepened the couple began to think about Nashville, and in 2013 they made the cross-country trek, writing road songs and sleeping in the back of their rented Penske truck.

In Nashville, Trevor & Sylvie’s co-writing came to fruition alongside their sound.  Trevor’s mellow voice and Sylvie’s pure tones create achingly beautiful harmonies.  Their songs are honest and timeless, written with equal parts craft and inspiration.  From the unquenchable thirst of a Dust Bowl era love song to the gritty anonymity of a big-city dive bar, Trevor & Sylvie pull at the strings of familiar stories, following them to their hearts.

Their debut album, Time Is Free, has been called “a breakout album” of “authentic, effective, and gorgeously rendered Americana” (Kitsap Sun).  Produced by Nick Forster of Hotrise and NPR’s eTown and recorded mostly live at eTown Studios in Boulder, CO and Sage Arts Studio in Arlington, WA, the album moves seamlessly from early American roots-style music to a more modern sound influenced by folk, country, blues and a little rock for good measure. “Hand clapping and heart-tugging,” Time is Free “speaks in a clear and often clever and funny language . . . [giving] the record a great sense of compassion and feeling” (Divide and Conquer).  Trevor & Sylvie are grateful to have worked with many incredible musicians on this project, including Grammy Award winning producer and musician Joel Savoy (Savoy Family Band), incomparable and legendary guitarist Dean Parks (Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, James Taylor and more), soulful organist Jim Pugh (Etta James, Robert Cray, and BB King), and eTown band members Christian Teele and Chris Engleman.

After five years in Nashville and another year in a small Shenandoah Valley town, Trevor and Sylvie are returning to their Pacific Northwest roots, where they will continue work on their second album.  When they’re not making music or doing plays Trevor & Sylvie enjoy baking sourdough bread and crackers, finding treasures at thrift stores, loving on their little rescue dog, and making goofy videos which you can find on here on the website under “Laugh.”