Photo Session with Darrah Parker Photography

A good headshot is very important for an actor.  Often the first impression you make on a casting director, you want your headshot to truly reflect who you are, to represent you.  You want it to be vivid, to have energy, so that it can continue to speak for you after you’ve left the audition room.  It’s a lot to ask of a two-dimensional image.  I’ve been using my original headshots for six years now.  They have served me well, but when I thought about moving to Nashville – about being new to another small but thriving theatre scene – I decided it was time for a fresh face.  So I called upon my talented friend, Darrah Parker.  Darrah is an incredible Seattle-based photographer with a talent for capturing real, vivid, beautiful images.  She works out of doors, which I love, and I was lucky to get to spend a morning in the Seattle fog with her.  Not only did she take some great headshots, she may have captured a few album covers as well!  The results aren’t all in yet, but Darrah has posted a few previews on her blog:

Serenaded by Sylvie | Seattle Portrait Photographer

While you’re there, explore her website and her other blog posts.  Not only is Darrah a wonderful photographer, she writes beautifully about creativity, the everyday, and how to combine the two.  I often read her posts when I’m in need of inspiration, and she never lets me down.  Enjoy!

– Sylvie


  1. These truly are special Sylvie – that they show you as you are – a lovely & rare porcelain beauty is obvious, what is so unique I think is the degree to which your soulful spirit and joy in life are so palpably present in these photos. So happy for you! Love, Nancy Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 22:16:30 +0000 To:

  2. Oh, my, Sylvie. These are unbelievable. Nashville is in for a thrill. We wish you well. Roald and Linda Nell

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