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Hello Faithful Friends!

If you received an email notifying you about this post, we count you among Trevor and Sylvie’s original fans! Some of you may even remember when we were calling ourselves “Sawdust Hill!” It’s been a long while since we’ve posted any news via our blog. That’s because we’ve switched over to an email newsletter!

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The new set-up makes it easier for friends and fans to sign up for updates at our gigs. We keep them up-to-date with quarterly emails, and we never ever send spam or share their personal info. It’s just news, tour dates, music, videos, philosophy, hilarity, and more, directly from Trevor & Sylvie to your inbox.

When we made the switch, we attempted to bring all you old-school subscribers along with us, so most of you have probably already been on the receiving end of a few newsletters. If you haven’t, and you’ve been wondering, “Hey, whatever happened to Trevor & Sylvie?” click the picture below to sign up and get back in the loop!


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