Our little moving truck has everything we need.

A fearless captain . . .


. . . a joyful song . . .


. . . a comfy bed . . .


. . . and a beautiful view.


The journey is only half the story, but we’re making it a good one, full of friends, family, and – as Trevor says – Majesty. Aspen, CO today, next stop Kansas.

We’re in Oregon Trail country now, speeding along in our moving truck in the opposite direction of the wagon trains, feeling lucky that we don’t have to dump anything along the way in order to lighten our load. Yesterday, Sylvie started writing a new song in honor of our backtracking the pioneers’ path. Here’s a taste of the first verse:

Driving eighty miles an hour through the land of the wagon trains
Flying fast along their path, going back the way they came
My momentum draws the ghosts of the pioneers
They ride with me while I’m headed east, looking for my frontier.

We’ve got our Martin “Backpacker” guitar in the cab with us, which means there’s been a lot of music-making along the way. We hope the ghosts that are hitching a ride with us are enjoying the tunes.

Our truck is packed, we’ve hit the road, and we’re headed for Nashville with a little inspiration in our passenger-side door. . .


That’s “Nashville Sound,” courtesy of my Aunt Diana, and “The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle. Seems like an appropriate combination to me.

I’m publishing this from my phone for the very first time, so please excuse any messiness, and check back for more updates soon!